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San Diego Electricians Hold Virtual Refresher Seminar on Customer Service Excellence

The Electrical Contractors Association of San Diego (ECASD) has recently held a virtual refresher course on customer service excellence for all its members. The ECASD is a member-based organization of local electrician contractors and licensed electricians in San Diego. One of its main goals is to pursue service excellence among its members.

ECASD President Brad Harper says that while technical expertise is their number one priority, they will never set aside customer service. “Customer service is our key differentiator from other electrician contractors and service providers. We want all of our members to stand out since most electricians provide the same services. We want our members to provide San Diego property owners the best customer experience when it comes to electrician work,” Harper says.

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The ECASD says they want their members to be known as customer-oriented contractors. During the virtual webinar, the speaker emphasized that reliability, trustworthiness, and courteousness are values every electrician contractor should aim for. “Expertise may catapult an electrician contractor firm into a top position in the industry, but customer service excellence will allow it to hold on to that position,” says Michael Summers, the Executive Vice President of the Center for Customer Service Excellence of San Diego. Summers was the guest speaker during the webinar.

Harper said the webinar was viewed in real-time by almost all the ECASD’s members. They also made it accessible to those who may have missed it, and those who want to playback the virtual training seminar.

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The webinar also shared some customer service tips to all the attendees, emphasizing that customers appreciate promptness the most after technical expertise and reasonable rates. “At the end of the day, customers will choose an electrician whom they know they can truly depend on. Sometimes, even if that electrician charges a bit higher than the electrician who is not prompt or dependable, the property owner will choose the one who answers phone calls right away, and will surely arrive in his doorstep at the time he says he will,” Summers explains.

New Normal Electrician Service in San Diego

The current pandemic was also tackled during the virtual webinar. There, Summers alongside ECASD President Brad Harper mentioned that following health guidelines in providing electrician services in San Diego is a game-changer. “There are households who value safety precautions, especially those who may have young children or have a family member that is vulnerable to this illness. As members of the Electrical Contractors Association of San Diego, we should assure them that we carry out our organizational-wide safety protocols to keep our electricians and clients safe from this dreaded disease,” Harper explained.

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