BOND 2024

Cedar Hill ISD Bond

Two Propositions on the May 2024 Ballot

On February 12 the Cedar Hill ISD Board of Trustees voted unanimously to include a $282.4 million bond proposal on the May 4, 2024 ballot.

Voters will see two propositions on the ballot.

Proposition A includes funds for capital improvements at every campus, and renovations for Career & Technical Education (CTE), Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM), Fine Arts, and a new Transportation Facility.  Proposition B includes funds to replace aging laptop computers and tablets used by students and teachers.

School districts are required by state law to ask voters for permission to sell bonds to investors to raise the capital dollars required for projects. Essentially, the voters are permitting the district to take out a loan and pay that loan back over an extended period of time, much like a family takes out a mortgage or home improvement loan for their home. A school board calls a bond election so voters can decide whether they agree to pay for proposed projects. 

PROPOSITION A: Capital Improvements

The bulk of this proposal is focused on making capital improvements such as replacing roofing and HVAC systems, replacing floors, ceiling and lighting and purchasing new furniture. Aging buildings and equipment are expensive to maintain and detract from the learning environment. If approved, these funds will have a direct impact teachers and students every day.

PROPOSITION B: Technology Devices

Cedar Hill ISD scholars are issued laptop computers that they use to communicate with their teachers, interact with each other, complete assignments and access resources such as readings and study materials. Proposition B includes the funds needed to purchase devices (laptop computers and interactive learning panels) to replace those that have reached the end of their lifecycle. By law, the purchase of devices must be approved in a separate special purpose proposition.