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1. January 18 - Introduction to the Course

No readings.

2. January 23 – What is Environmental Injustice and Why is it Important Now?

Mohai, Paul, David Pellow, and J. Timmons Roberts, “Environmental Justice,” Annual Review of Environment and Resources, 2009, 34:405-430.

3. January 25 – Tricks of the Trade in Tricky Times: Presidential Environmentalism from Obama to Trump

Note: This lecture will be held in Sibley Auditorium, concurrent with the Energy & Resources Group Colloquium.

4. January 30 -- Environmental Disparities in the US

Saha, Robin, “A Current Appraisal of Toxic Wastes and Race in the United States - 2007.” Toxic Waste and Race at Twenty. United Church of Christ, pp: 49-83. (pp:49-83)

5. February 1 — Health Disparities in the US[MG1]

Landrigan, Philip, Virginia Rauh, and Maida Galvez, “Environmental Justice and the Health of Children,” Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine, 2010, vol. 77: 178-187.

Morello-Frosch, Rachel, Miriam Zuk, Michael Jerrett, Bhavna Shamasunder, and Amy D. Kyle, “Understanding the Cumulative Impacts of Inequality in Environmental Health: Implications for Policy,” Health Affairs 30, No. 5 (2011): 879-887.

Wilkinson, Richard, “How Economic Inequality Harms Societies,” TED talk, July 2011

Cushing L, Morello-Frosch R, Wander M, Pastor M .The Haves, the Have-nots and the Health of Everyone: The Relationship Between Social Inequality and Environmental Quality. Annual Review of Public Health 2015.

6. February 6 – Frameworks of Justice

Schlosberg, David, 2003, “The Justice of Environmental Justice: Reconciling Equity, Recognition, and Participation in a Political Movement.” In Andrew Light and Avner deShalit, eds., Moral and Political Reasoning in Environmental Practice. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, pp. 77-106.