University and Career Guidance


Students in international schools have incredibly broad scenarios presented to them when they are considering their tertiary education choices. Working collaboratively with students and their families is the key to providing academic advice that empowers access to the extensive array of learning opportunities available.

In an international setting, parents need to be aware at an early stage in their child's school career, of any restrictions, or financial implications that could arise as a result of removing their child from a national education system. At EIS we understand this well. The University Guidance service is therefore for all students and parents in the community; it is not restricted to senior students.

Please explore the website to see how we approach college and career guidance at EIS. If you have any questions, or you would like to make an appointment to talk to the University Guidance Counsellor, email don.phan@eishcmc.com

Warmest regards,

Don Phan

University Guidance Counsellor