Bridging Cognitive Science & Education

Efrat Furst (PhD)

Working with educators and learners to bridge the sciences of learning (cognitive psychology and neuroscience) with teaching and learning in classrooms.

My background is in cognitive-neuroscientific research (human learning and memory), and my expertise is in bridging the sciences of learning with teaching and learning in classrooms. I design, teach facilitate workshops and work with educators to redesign classes, courses and programs. I support educators with evidence-informed classroom-oriented content, pedagogy and technology.

I focus on:

  • Understanding the key principles in learning: knowledge acquisition, effective practice, and long-term memory.

  • Applying effective strategies in the classroom to support more effective learning for all students.

Formerly a post-doc fellow with the Learning Incubator (LInc) at the School of engineering and applied sciences (SEAS) at Harvard University (MA, USA), and the Teaching & Learning Center at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), Currently at the Mofet Institute, A Center for the Research, Curriculum, and Program Development in Teacher Education (Tel-Aviv, Isreal)

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