Bridging (Neuro)Science & Education

Efrat Furst (PhD)

Working with educators and learners to bridge the sciences of learning (cognitive psychology and neuroscience) with teaching and learning in classrooms.

Dr. Efrat Furst

My background is in cognitive-neuroscientific research (human learning and memory), and my expertise is in bridging the sciences of learning with teaching and learning in classrooms. I design, teach facilitate workshops and work with educators to redesign classes, courses and programs. I support educators with evidence-informed classroom-oriented contents and research-projects.

I focus on:

  • Understanding the key principles in learning: knowledge acquisition, effective practice and long-term memory.

  • Applying effective strategies in the classroom to support more effective learning for all students.

Formerly a post-doc fellow with the Learning Incubator (LInc) at the School of engineering and applied sciences (SEAS) at Harvard university (MA, USA). Currently with the Teaching & Learning Center at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), and consulting to educators across levels in various organizations.

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