Effectiveness in Life

When we talk about effectiveness in terms of human achievement, we need to take several factors into account to have a fuller understanding of what it means.

By taking a look at this attribute, we hope to learn more about how we can grow and succeed in life in ways that are for our own good.

On the face of it, the average person would most likely see their own effectiveness as measured by the results they had achieved in their lives. This is correct in the main, although most people experience inconsistencies in this during different phases of their lives.

Personal Development

One of the ways a person can increase their own level of effectiveness is to pursue a course in personal development and embrace the precepts it teaches regardless of past prejudices that may be harbored about the legitimacy of the process.

In order to develop and grow, one must accept a lot of things that may be contrary to their lifelong knowledge gleaned from their early education.

Possibly the most difficult part of accepting there is a lot of truth in the teachings of life coaches such as Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Tony Robbins and many others is that it's governed by a force or power that cannot be seen or sensed in any way by our five main senses.

We are shown that everything we are is energy and that positive thinking creates a vibration within us that attracts similar positive energy to us.

However, we cannot see, hear, touch, smell or taste "energy" so we have a hard time believing it is what we're made of, let alone that it governs everything that happens in our lives.

To accept this concept, we need to set aside our objections and prejudices and simply allow ourselves to accept without question what more and more people are waking up to every day.

Positive Thought

Since we are energy and everything that happens is energy, it follows some logic to expect that since our thoughts are also an energy form, we might as well tune those thoughts into the things we want in a positive manner. Then to reinforce the vibratory frequency of that thought energy, we need to harmonize our emotions with our thoughts.

That can take some practice, but it can be done. Combining a thought that we want to be happy with the emotion of actually feeling happy will bring us things to be happy about. That's the essence of the "Law of Attraction" that we attract to us that which we are predominantly thinking about and feeling.

If you're still having a hard time accepting that concept, take a real life example of the opposite effect that has almost certainly occurred in your life at some point (or even many times) in the past. Remember a time when you felt unhappy about something and you were worrying that something bad was going to happen. Just like magic, it happened just like you worried it would.

That's the Law of Attraction working just as it is supposed to, even when it brings you results and circumstances that you don't want! Whatever you are focusing on most of the time and mixing with similar emotion, you will attract whether it's good or it's bad.

The Law is not at fault if you get something you don't want. It only brings you what you're thinking and feeling about. If that thing is a worry you might lose your job or your car will break down or your health will deteriorate and you constantly fret and dwell over it, that's what you'll attract!

When you can see this force (also referred to as New Thought) in action as I'm sure you already have for yourself and others, it is only a small step to the realization that the opposite can be just as real. So it makes sense to try and keep your thoughts as positive as you can, only thinking about the things that you DO want and then feeling good about having them.

An Effective Combination

Now that I've explained how the combination of like thoughts and emotions can make a powerful attractive force that can bring you whatever you want out of life, it's your next move in the game. That move is to take this concept on board, incorporate it into your lifestyle and start to actively use it to your advantage.

It will take some practice, as I mentioned before. But it's practice that makes perfect and there is every reason why making this concept one that will start working in your life is a very good idea. Start now and don't look back.

The benefits the use of this concept can bring are limitless. That's not an idle statement, since when you consider it, energy is also limitless and we are all energy, as is everything. Put it to good use and turn away from misusing it as so many other do through their lack of knowledge and understanding.