Faculty of Education

Chiang Mai Rajabhat University


The Faculty of Education was established with the establishment of Chiang Mai Rajabhat University since 1924, evolving from the Teacher Training School, Payap University, Payap University. Teacher Training School Chiang Mai Teacher Training School Teacher's College Chiang Mai Has been adopted. The College of Teachers in 1975 was able to offer undergraduate degrees. In all subjects, however, the whole mission was to produce and develop teachers. Teachers College No. 2 makes the branch of the production of graduates into 3 branches, ie education, liberal arts and science. The Faculty of Education was announced in 1995. The Rajabhat Institute Act BE 2538 was enacted in 1995. The Faculty of Education was declared a clear mission to be the Faculty of Production and Development. teacher With the new name. "Faculty of Education" and in 2004, His Majesty the King. Graciously The royal family. The status of Rajabhat Institute is changed. "Rajabhat University" since June 14, 2004, so the Faculty of Education. It is affiliated with Chiang Mai Rajabhat University. The mission is to produce and develop teachers to excellence to serve the local society of the country.


"Teacher is a national power. "Teachers are good teachers"


By the year 2564, the Faculty of Education as a model for the production of teachers.

Outstanding knowledge in academic service to local education.


"The Faculty of Education creates good teachers,

good teachers and traditions. Lead the local development "


"As a good teacher with public mental skills"

Core value

Teacher collaboration Local Development Education

Organizational culture

"Joint Co-Lead Development"

The color of the Faculty


Flowers of the Faculty

Flower buds

Meaning of Flower

Flower buds are beautiful flowers. It is beautiful in itself as a bouquet together. It is the Faculty of Education that will prosper and develop when all members of the team work together as one. It is based on the common place. This will make the group stand out and move forward gracefully.


Faculty of Education is a manufacturing institution. Develop teachers and educational personnel who meet the standards of professional organizations as a source of research and research. Disseminate educational information For local development

1. Production of graduates and development of educational personnel. Provide quality and features.

Desirable according to graduate and university education standards. In collaboration with the Teacher Training Resource Center and the Learning Community Network For Thai citizens and good people.

2. Promote and develop the faculty to have the potential to become faculty members of Faculty of Education who can both produce the graduates. Community and Social Services In accordance with the progress of academic education.

3. Support and promote research for the development of educational knowledge. This is consistent with the ability and local needs to be used as a knowledge base.

4. Encourage faculty and students to express their traditions. And culture.

Thai and local teachers should engage and express themselves. As well as fulfilling the lifestyle of a sufficiency economy. And the Royal Projects for the benefit of the community and society.

5. Develop a quality management system. Seize the main participatory process.

Governance decentralization And the management system.

Adhere to quality assurance guidelines for education.

Purpose and Objective

1. Analyze and synthesize model of experience training of faculty of education. Chiang Mai Rajabhat University

2. Develop curriculum and faculty to meet the professional standards.

3. Development of faculty to form faculty of Faculty of Education. Chiang Mai Rajabhat University

4. Create and develop a teacher development center to be strengthened.

5. Encourage programs and activities to promote the culture and traditions of the teachers.

6. Support the administration of good governance principles at all levels of management of the Faculty of Education.

7. Set up a system for moving the Faculty of Education to the Mae Rim Center.

Development Strategy of Faculty of Education, 2560 - 2564

1. Production of graduates and development of educational personnel. Provide quality and desired features.

According to graduate education standards and universities. For Thai citizens and good people.

2. The promotion of the development of academic staff. Professional advancement To have the potential.

The Faculty of Education can be both in the production of graduates. Community and Social Services

3. Creating educational knowledge that benefits local and social.

4. Promoting volunteerism for both faculty and students. In the tradition of Thai and local culture. Works Projects The teacher should participate and express.

5. Development of the Faculty Management System Based on good governance. And administration

Quality Assurance for Education