Advocacy for Students - Often parents are reluctant to question the judgment or practices of teachers and/or administrators. However, all schools experience some weaknesses in staff. An independent advocate ensures that schools are keeping individual student needs as a top priority. Support and represent students and parents by attending school meetings such as ARD, IEP, 504 and parent/teacher conferences as needed.

Advocacy Training for Parents - As the amount of money for public education decreases, the need for parents to advocate for the maintenance of good public education increases. Services and programs are being cut from education; therefore, parents will need to be armed with strong advocacy skills to ensure that educational standards remain high.

Advocacy for Non-profits - Assist edtech and education non-profits with education related initiatives.


Consulting with Parents - Provide guidance and expertise in selecting and using assistive technology tools.

Consulting with Educators - Facilitate educator training on edtech software and products and assist schools and colleges with edtech initiatives.

Consulting with Edtech Companies - Manage software implementation projects, provide educator training on software and products, assist with business development efforts including scaling new accounts, usage and renewals, attend, demonstrate and present at education conferences.


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