About us

Educandi LLC, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a boutique edtech advocacy and consultancy company, providing expertise in educational technology software, tools, resources, professional development and training. We provide services in California and Texas.

Educandi LLC provides a wide range of edtech services and assistance to students of all ages who have specific educational requirements, trains others in their advocacy and conducts consult projects such as professional development workshops, assistive technology training, and software implementation projects for edtech companies, colleges, school districts and/or families. We work in cooperation with families, teachers, guidance counselors, administrators and other professionals to implement the best free and appropriate educational program and support system for students and ensure school districts are in compliance. Our team is skilled in working with the following type of families: students with special needs, immigrant/migrant, and low-income.

​Our practice areas include edtech, assistive technology, technology, education, higher education, special education, IDEA 2004, Section 504/Accommodations, K-12, at-risk and transitioning youth as well as specific disabilities, mild to moderate including learning disabilities and dyslexia.

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