Updated Curriculum Vitae (CV): Download PDF  (last updated: 09/17/2023)

Email: minucieg@gmail.com

Citizenship: United States; Brazil.

Dr. Eduardo G. Minuci

Nickname: Eddy  /   Full Name: Eduardo Guimaraes Minuci

About me:

I am a genuine, honest person trying to make the world a better place for everyone. In terms of my career, I am an applied economist devoted to learning and applying statistical analysis and economic theory to improve the efficiency of financial institutions and consumer decisions, assess the impact of new regulations on business strategy and socioeconomic outcomes, and research ways to create a world with equal opportunity for all individuals. In addition to data analytics, I have exceptional interpersonal skills due to my ability to connect with others and my experience working in a team environment. My teaching background has allowed me to develop expertise in explaining complex concepts in simple terms to a diverse audience, ranging from experts in the field to others with no previous exposure to economics and statistics. I am always eager to keep learning and improving my skills to become a better professional and contribute to society. 

Since the Fall of 2021, I have had the pleasure of being part of the Faculty and Staff team at North Carolina A&T State University as an Assistant Professor of Economics.

Research Statement:

I am intrigued about exploring the connection between banking and finance with regional socioeconomic outcomes in the United States, a growing literature with room for contribution.  Given that local economic activity can be impacted by bank failures and the types of services provided by existing banks, my current research explores the determinants of bank performance, asset portfolio allocation, and uniqueness.  Furthermore, I also enjoy conducting research on labor economics through sports applications. You can find my published research and my current projects here.

Teaching Statement:

My decision to work as an educator is motivated by my curiosity to learn how to foster a growth mindset among individuals by cultivating research skills so they can develop in their careers and, more importantly, become better citizens in our society. I am a devoted mentor who aims to produce quality research with students and professional partners, which can advance economic knowledge and help individuals better understand how the economy interacts with their lives.

Throughout my life, I have experienced several teaching and mentoring styles, given my multicultural educational background in both Brazilian and American educational systems. In addition, combined with my personal experience as a student, researcher, and college instructor, I have learned that one's ability to be an effective educator and presenter is related to their ability to: (1) demonstrate to the audience that one to connect with the audience to make presentations more relatable to their personal experiences, (2) provide an engaging learning environment that cultivates curiosity, (3) genuinely care about their learning, and (4) encourage them to establish their views and form their judgments while creating a judge-free atmosphere. A learning environment that nurtures these elements allows students to deepen their thinking by encouraging them to move from foundational to higher-order thinking. 

Personal Information: For mailing address or personal phone number please email me at eguimaraesminuci@ncat.edu