Updated Curriculum Vitae (CV): Download PDF (last updated: 10/30/2020)

Email: egm0007@mix.wvu.edu

Advisor: Scott Schuh, PhD (email: scott.schuh@mail.wvu.edu)

Citizenship: Brazil (US permanent resident)

Eduardo Minuci

Preferred name: Eddy

About me:

I am an applied banking macroeconomist passionate about teaching and producing quality research, which advances economic knowledge and helps individuals better understand how the economy interacts with their lives. I currently am on the fifth year of the Economics PhD program of West Virginia University and expect completion by May of 2021.

You can find my updated CV here.

Research Statement:

I am very intrigued about exploring the connection between banking and finance with regional socioeconomic outcomes in the United States. Understanding how the financial system and regional economic outcomes is a growing literature with a lot of room for contribution, which is emphasized in my job market paper. My research required investment in the high fixed cost related to managing big data sets and understanding changes in the structure of banks’ balance sheets and income statements. My research program, now and in the future, will leverage this fixed cost and support ongoing papers in the field of applied banking. Furthermore, I also enjoy conducting research on the evolution of money & payment methods and sports economics. You can find my published research and my current projects here.

Teaching Statement:

My decision to become an educator is motivated by my passion and curiosity in learning how to foster a growth mindset among individuals by cultivating research-skills, so they can develop in their careers and, more importantly, become better citizens in our society.

Throughout my life, I have experienced several teaching and mentoring styles given my multi-cultural educational background in both Brazilian and American educational systems. In addition, combined with my personal experience as a student, tutor, teaching assistant, and college instructor, I have learned the effectiveness of an educator is related to one’s ability to: (1) provide an engaging learning environment which cultivates students' curiosity and energy level, (2) connect with students and constantly assess their learning, (3) encourage students to establish their own views and form their own judgments. A learning environment that nurtures these elements allows students to deepen their thinking by encouraging them to move from foundational to higher-order thinking.

At the end of each undergraduate course, WVU students are given the opportunity to complete student evaluations of instruction (SEI) in which they provide feedback on the instructor and course. Below, I proudly report the mean scores for the overall quality, learning, and teaching effectiveness in each course I taught. Each score for each course is above the department average. Ratings are based on a 1-5 scale, with 1 indicating "poor or strongly disagree" and 5 indicating "excellent or strongly agree." You can find more information on my teaching philosophy, experience, and effectiveness here.

Personal Contact Info: 63 West Park Ave, Westover, WV, 26501, Phone Number: 803-616-1252.

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