Finding your Zen...

with Michelle Zgombic

What is a Zendeavor?

If you are looking to integrate technology you probably already know how complicated Ed Tech can be. How can you find peace and serenity while being thrown into this fast paced and cluttered Ed Tech world? How can you find your true path, be inspired and do what brings you and your students happiness?

My goal is to help you find your way through this journey.

You never know where the road will take you...

My personal collage is designed to show you some of my unexpected journeys. They don't relate to Ed Tech and Zen...

or do they?

  • My old classroom from when I taught at Middle. What a big beautiful mess it was. A precious segment in my life. Taught some Zen lessons to students, and gained Zen from them.
  • My Border Collie Cooper taught me responsibility and how to begin as a caregiver, he taught me greater compassion for all beings, along with my spiritual hero H.H. The Dalai Lama
  • Our trip to NYC was a first try at navigation without my husband (a Queens native) through the Subway and city streets to get to the Lion King on time, thanks Google Maps on mobile device!
  • Ocean City, NJ is one of the places we like to go ever summer. It keeps me sane. Personal clarity is integral to your success with integrating Ed Tech and maintaining happiness.
  • This beer tasting room is one of many I have visited, it is a testament to being willing to try new things... sometimes you will like it, and sometimes you won't!
  • The Unexpected Rd. (located somewhere in NJ, I won't tell) took me on a path to teach 7th grade History when I wanted to be in elementary, I stayed there 20 years. Now I'm in K-5 elementary. Go figure.
  • My town is beautiful and the river provides a great refuge when needed most. I am surrounded by farms, hiking trails and a great community. Find your happy place and a supportive community.
  • I broke something I just bought... homemade jam. I could never replace it and I made a giant mess of things. This happens... to everyone. We are human. It is okay to fail, we learn from this.
  • I married into a Croatian family and have been to this beautiful country six times to date, my daughters once born came too. The girls look towards the horizon, the future. Where else can we go?

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