Google's Geo Tools

At an EdTechTeam Geo Workshop Powered by Google Earth Education, you'll be given the opportunity to learn how to use many of the tools listed below. In addition, each workshop has a field experience which lets you go out and put the tools to use!



  • Google Earth - 3D viewing of a model of Earth
  • Earth Engine - cloud-based remote sensing and geographic analysis powered by Google's infrastructure
    • Timelapse - global, annual composites of Landsat satellite images built with Earth Engine
    • Timelapse Tour Editor - create and share interactive tours through locations in Timelapse
  • Terra Bella - Google's satellite division


  • Tour Builder - digital storytelling using Google Earth
  • Street View - ground level imagery
    • Gallery - the best of Street View
    • Treks - special collections of Street View
    • Cultural Institute - use Street View to view inside the world's museums and Gigapixel technology to view their art collections
  • Expeditions - virtual field trips using 360 Imagery and Cardboard
  • Earth Studio - an animation tool for Google Earth imagery (restricted access)