EDPT 200: Integrating Educational Technology in the Classroom

"We do not learn from experience... we learn from reflecting on experience." (John Dewey)

The class is designed to:

The course is part of the undergraduate program offered by the Faculty Education at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.

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EDPT 200 Fall '22 Schedule

Sept. 12: Course Introduction & Overview

Sept. 19 Becoming a 21st Century Teacher (*ch.1*)

Sept. 26: Educational Technology Issues & Trends (*ch.2*)

Oct. 3: Communicating & Collaborating with Social Media (*ch.9*)

Oct. 10: Thanksgiving (no class)

Oct. 11 & 12: Fall Break (*new*)

Oct. 13(Thursday night) Transforming Learning with Unique, Powerful Technologies (*ch.3*)

Oct. 17: Teaching Information Literacy & Digital Citizenship (*ch.6*)

Oct. 24: Engaging in Virtual Learning with Online Resources (*ch.7*)

Oct. 31: Differentiating Instruction with Technology/ Assistive Technologies (*ch.11*)

Nov. 7: Solving Problems and Designing Solutions Through Coding, Makerspaces, and Serious Gaming (*ch.8*)

Nov. 14: Expressing Creativity with Multimedia Technologies (*ch.10*)

Nov. 21: Designing Instruction with Technology (*ch.4*)

Nov. 28: Applying Technology as Teacher Leaders (*ch.5*)

Dec. 5: Empowering Learners Through Performance Assessments & Reflection (*ch.12*)

Education Bldg. Room B129

Typical Class Breakdown

Typical weekly schedule:

6:05-6:15: Observations from previous class; introduction of weekly theme & hands-on activities

6:15-6:50: Group discussion and reflections on readings

6:50-7:50: Main topic for week

7:50-8:40: Hands-on activities and lab

8:40-8:55: Wrap up

  • We don’t take a 15 - 20 min. health break ~ so we typically finish between 8:35 and 8:40

Required Course Readings

The fall '22 course as of now will be taught on campus. (YES !!!) We are using the Maloy textbook (4th edition). The chapter readings will either be posted on myCourses and accessed through Perusall. This semester I am using Perusall gradebook OUTSIDE of myCourses ~ the algorithm caused surdents too much stress in edpt204 with the weekly fluctuations & updates. I will explain in the first class.