Hello & Welcome to EDPE 575!

Why you need to study statistics:

Explore Statistics:

Week 1 - Introduction to Statistics & Research Design

Week 2 - Frequency Distributions / Visual Displays of Data

Week 3 - Central Tendency and Variability

Week 4 - Sampling and Probability

Week 5 - The Normal Curve, Standardization, Z Scores

Week 6 - Hypothesis Testing with z Tests

Week 7 - Confidence Intervals, Effect Size, Statistical Power

Week 8 - The Single-Samples & Paired-Samples t Test

Week 9 - The Independent-Samples t Test

Week 10 - One-Way ANOVA

Week 11 - Two-Way Between-Groups ANOVA

Week 12 - Correlation & Regression

Week 13 - Chi-Squares & Final Exam Review

Log into the myCourses page. You will be working with Bryan, Kelsey, and Shan this semester.

McGill University ~ Education Faculty ~ Winter '20 Semester (online)

Instructors: Sam Bruzzese & Kristy Robinson

Teaching Assistants: Bryan Butler, Kelsey Losenno, Li Shan

Course Website: http://bit.ly/edpe575w20

MacmIllan (LaunchPad) login: https://www.macmillanhighered.com/launchpad/nolanessentials4e/10602866

Essentials of Statistics for the Behavioural Sciences 4th Edition by Susan Nolan, Thomas Heinzen)

You have to buy the looseleaf version @ McGill Bookstore on Sherbrooke street.

The text will be available as of December 15th. The cost will be between $90.00 to $100.00 ~ this includes the printed copy (loose leaf edition). The students who took the class last year ending up printing most of the chapters.

The looseleaf version is most economical and includes access to all the required online components.

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