Statistics for Practitioners (EDPE 575 )

McGill University ~ Education Faculty ~ Winter '20 Semester (online)

Instructors: Sam Bruzzese & Domenico Tullo

Teaching Assistants: TBD

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Course hashtag: #statsinyourlife

Course Objectives:By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explain how research methods and statistics affect your professional domain
  • Differentiate between descriptive and inferential statistics
  • Identify and calculate the basic statistical
  • Select and apply appropriate statistical techniques and tools
  • Describe the rationale and procedure for statistical analyses
  • Critically read and interpret the basic results of statistical studies

Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the basic tools and techniques needed to conduct, analyze, and interpret statistics in order to make informed decisions.

The course content is divided into three main sections.

  1. The first section focuses on descriptive statistics including definitions and terminology, understanding experimental design, organizing and presenting data, and calculating measures of central tendency, variability, and position.
  2. The following section presents the concept of probability, covering such topics as probability theory, methods of counting, calculating simple and compound events, probability distributions, conditional probabilities, and the normal distribution.
  3. The last section of the course explores inferential statistics including the rationale and procedure to conduct hypothesis tests. Students will use learn to use sample data to make decisions about a given population (with large and small data sets), deal with dependent means and independent means testing, and will be introduced to the Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) technique. Lastly, students will explore linear relationships between variables and predict outcomes using correlation and regression analysis.

Online Course:

This course will be taught online during the Winter '20 semester.

There will be a weekly check in component (via ZOOM online ~ approximately 1 hr.) You will be given a choice of picking a 1 hr. session from 2 different available times.

We will decide this during our first online session.

More details to follow in late Fall.

Required Text:

Essentials of Statistics for the Behavioural Sciences 4th Edition by Susan Nolan, Thomas Heinzen)

Cheapest price is direct from Nelson/Cengage

You have to buy the looseleaf version @ The Paragraph Bookstore corner McGill Ave. / Sherbrooke streets.

The text will be available as of December 1st. The cost will be approx. $80.00 ~ this includes the printed copy. The students who took the class last year ending up printing most of the chapters.

The looseleaf version is most economical and includes access to all the required online components.

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