Contest Format

FORMAT - Preliminary/Finals format.

The Finals will consist of 8 Bands. The class champion from each class and the 3 (or 4) highest scoring bands from any class.


Bands may perform for ratings or comments only. The will be a panel of 5 individuals – 3 Scoring Judges – 1 Color Guard Judge – 1 Percussion Judge

  • A unique feature of our marching contest is that each band will receive a clinic with one of our 3 clinicians immediately after their preliminary performance. You and your students will view your video in the auditorium and the clinician will make helpful comments while pointing out points during the video.

  • Scoring will be given within 4 captions: Music - Marching - Color Guard - Percussion. Only the scores for Music and Marching will be used in determining Class Champions and Finals advancement. The Caption scores are only for the Caption Awards and are not calculated in Division Rating or Finals advancement.

  • First, Second, and Third Place will be awarded in each classification. A band must be performing for ratings to be considered for placement.

  • Awards will also be given in each classification for Outstanding Winds, Drum Line, Color Guard, Drum Majors, and Soloists.

  • Each group will have 5 minutes to enter the field, 8 minutes performance time, and 2 minutes to exit. We will run a continuous clock, with announcements at the same times as UIL, using the same base script as UIL.

  • All adjudicator comments and performance video will be provided on a Flash Drive.

  • Ties for class champion, 2nd or 3rd place will be broken using the UIL Area Tie Break rules.


  • The Finals will be judged by the 3 Clinicians from the Prelims portion. You will receive sheets, comments recordings from each judge and a video on a USB flash drive at the conclusion of your performance

  • Ratings will not be given in the finals. The bands will be ranked by the judges at their discretion.

  • At the conclusion of the finals each judge's raw score will be used to determine that judge's ranking of the bands. The band receiving the highest numerical score from a judge will be assigned first place by that judge, the next highest score will be assigned second place and so on until a ranking (ordinal) for each band is determined by all five judges.

  1. Each judge's ranking (ordinal) for each band will then be added together. The high and low will NOT be eliminated. All scores will count.

  2. The final ranking will then be determined by assigning the band with the lowest ranking (ordinal) total first place, the next lowest ranking (ordinal) total second place and so on until the band with the highest ranking (ordinal) total is listed last.

  3. A two-way tie will be broken by using judge's preference.