About the Artist

Artist’s Statement: My paintings reflect a lifelong fascination with shape and pattern, both in the natural world and in the arena of human artifacts. The shapes of landforms, trees and rocks, as well as those of industrial and agricultural subjects, are very intriguing to me. Through the use of exaggerated or altered colors and forms, I try to communicate my personal emotional responses to these subjects, hoping that the viewer may experience some new perceptions of ordinary scenes. I work in watercolor because it allows a freedom and spontaneity that make the whole process very enjoyable.

Biography: Edith Maynard spent several decades as a neurobiologist and university professor. Since leaving the world of science she has, for the past twenty years, been intensely involved in watercolor painting. Her training in art has consisted of classes at the Ann Arbor Art Center, plus regional workshops or classes with Alex Powers, Charles Reid, Judi Betts, Skip Lawrence, and Donna Zagotta. Her work has been exhibited in both local and national juried shows. She has lived in in Ann Arbor, Michigan and in summers, in a remote area of forests and wetlands near Lake Superior. Her art process continues to be influenced by the two residence locations as well as by nearby industrial and agricultural areas.