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What is the difference between CBD and THC edibles?

Cannabis edibles are getting very popular these days. Consuming edibles is not only a convenient way of having weed but it also gives you a great high. The best thing about edibles is that they are used for both medical and recreational purposes.

Speaking of edibles, there are two different types of edibles based on their content. One is CBD edibles and the second is THC edibles. People often get confused choosing between the two as the difference between CBD and THC edibles are not clear. In this article, we will clear your doubts once and for all.

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Difference between CBD and THC edibles

As you may already know cannabis contains hundreds of chemical compounds. But the two most common chemical compounds are CBD and THC.

The main difference between the two is that one gets you high, while the others don’t. Consuming THC edibles will get you high because it has a toxic effect. It is mainly used for recreational purposes. For those who don’t want to get high, they can use CDB edibles. These types of edibles are meant for medical purposes.

You can get both the types of edibles out there. It is up to your need to choose the type you want.

What are 1:1 edibles?

There is this special type of edible available called the 1:1 edibles. This contains both CBD and THC compounds in a 1:1 ratio. This is the perfect solution for those who cannot decide between the two. By consuming these edibles, you can have the best of both worlds.

Edibles are absorbed slowly by the body and therefore, it leaves a long-lasting effect. However, taking edibles is easy as you don’t have to worry about the dosage. You can check cannabis edibles Canada to get the best supplies.

Now that you know the difference between the two, you shouldn’t have any problem choosing the right product for your use.