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2020-2021 Applications

Applications due by August 14th!

Students will email their completed applications to Keisha.Mulfort@ocps.net

Late applications will not be accepted.

Application: SGA Application 2020-2021 Online.docx


Edgewater High School’s Student Government Association (SGA) serves as an organization in which student ideas can be brought to fruition. EHS’s SGA is part of a larger organization known as the Florida Association of Student Councils. FASC consists of over 200 middle and high schools from throughout the State of Florida who are working together to bring about a growth in student leadership development, participation in student activities and student engagement in civic affairs. SGA hopes to develop a student’s leadership skills, responsibility, and personal growth all while practicing and promoting the idea of a representative democracy.

Homecoming is one of SGA’s most visible projects since we run it, but there are many projects we work on besides that and ideas can be brought to the state level and made law. An example of this would be Crimestoppers which came from a Florida SGA. If you want to improve what’s around you, SGA is the place.

Our sponsor is Keisha "Dr. Rob" Mulfort.

We strive to help the community and to make Edgewater High school the best that it can be! We hope you’ll join us!