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Edgefield Station

Recent Releases

Birthday Suite (Released October 3, 2021)

Sunday AC Fix (Released July 11, 2021)

A bit about me...

Rich Hanapole is the music creator behind Edgefield Station and lives in Vienna, Virginia in the United States. He has been playing and creating music creations on and off since the early 1980's. Inspired by music from his youth and long career in technology, Rich combines experimental and natural sounds using technology he has mastered throughout the years. Now is the start of an amazing journey in music technology!

Rich started his music career playing bass in a band founded by drummer and brother Edward Hanapole. The drummer and bass duo synced in rhythmic harmony and created original music in the 80's rock scene. Aspirations of attending college and having a long business career took priority and the band days and music creation was put on hold.

The original dream was revisited only a few years ago when constructing digital music became a reality. Rich's studio is centered around a Digital Audio Workstation - initially using both Ableton Live and Logic Pro. Upgrading his 2012 MacBook Pro to a Ryzen 9 Windows platform and Ableton 11 opened a whole new music creation experience! The studio is accompanied by many acoustic and electric guitars, several basses, electronic drums, Nord piano, Ableton Push and several other midi controllers.

Brody Time

We unfortunately lost our 11 year old yellow lab, Copper, this past December 2020. After a mourning period, we adopted a new lab puppy, Brody in February 2021. He's has a lot of energy, but occasionally calms down and shares a cup of coffee with me!

Patio Vibe

The pandemic took it's toll on many this past year. After waiting about 3 months we received a patio heater that allowed us to chill outside during the end of the Winter and beginning of Spring 2021. This is a great place to listen to electronic music while inspired by the surrounding nature.