Edgcumbe Montessori and Daycare

2149 Edgcumbe Road

Saint Paul, MN 55116



Edgcumbe Montessori is a child care center, located in the Highland Park Neighborhood, that has been serving the greater Saint Paul and Minneapolis area for over 30 years. We provide a safe, loving, and enriched environment for your infant, toddler, and pre-schooler.

Montessori Hours are from 7am – 5:30pm, Monday – Friday, all year.

The Edgcumbe Montessori Experience

The Center follows the Montessori philosophy, providing an enriched environment where children can make their own choices and work at their own pace. We believe that the freedom of choice helps and promotes your child’s strengths and abilities, while enhancing creativity and imagination.

Safe and Convenient Child Care

Edgcumbe Montessori is located in a safe, residential area, away from busy streets. Our facilities are centrally located on Edgcumbe Road, with easy access to down town Saint Paul and Minneapolis, the MSP Airport, as well as many of the local colleges and universities.

The Montessori environment, prepared by a trained Montessori teacher, is designed around each child’s specific needs.

The Space has a practical life area which helps children to build up their confidence, self-esteem, and social growth.

Special Montessori materials are designed to enhance learning and development. Sensory materials help to engage and develop their sensory perception. Language materials help them with their reading and writing skills, laying a foundation that is crucial to well-rounded development. The Montessori materials lay a foundation for your child’s mathematical skills, history, geography, and science.

In addition to building upon your child’s social, emotional, and sensory skills, our enrichment program is designed to give a fully-rounded experience.

Mind & Body

Our program exposes your child to large muscle and creative movement. We also have a Yoga program designed for the health and development of your child’s mind and body. The outdoor play area is surrounded by a beautiful landscape that allows children to explore nature and the environment.

Music, Sound, & Culture

Edgcumbe Montessori also exposes children to an excellent music program, which allows children to sing, dance freely, and move to rhythms. The children are given the opportunity to experience and learn about multi-cultural music and movements as well.


2149 Edgcumbe Road

Saint Paul, MN 55116



Telephone 651-698-8059

Director's cell phone : Ivan 712.292.9088