Elite Dangerous

Exploration ships

***Complies with April Update Patch 2 May/14/19***

Are you looking for a new ship to explore the galaxy, or perhaps poking around for ideas on how to outfit your current ship for a long travel into the deep?

This site provides a suitable exploration build for many ships in Elite Dangerous. As many builds are personal preference the aim of this site is to demonstrate one of many exploration designs so Commanders can make informed decisions before investing time, effort and credits into a ship.

The ship's listed are designed using a "Base Line" build to expand upon. Each ship also includes a few exploration load-out suggestions.

  • All Jump ranges listed for each ship are Unladen (No cargo and a full fuel tank).
  • Click on the ship image below for more details.


53.19 LY

alliance challenger

46.80 LY

Alliance chieftain

54.10 LY

Alliance Crusader

43.27 LY


78.66 LY

asp explorer

67.43 LY

asp scout

58.82 LY

beluga liner

55.27 LY

cobra mk iii

52.09 LY

cobra mk iv

46.90 LY

diamondback explorer

69.98 LY

Diamondback Scout

52.75 LY


61.57 LY


43.87 LY

Federal Assault Ship

47.26 LY

Federal corvette

44.92 LY

Federal Dropship

41.52 LY

Federal Gunship

41.39 LY


42.33 LY


55.75 LY

imperial clipper

53.58 LY

imperial courier

53.35 LY

imperial cutter

52.27 LY

Imperial Eagle

43.87 LY


53.42 LY

krait mk ii

61.19 LY

krait phantom

68.64 LY


42.44 LY


65.26 LY


56.81 LY


41.58 LY

type 10 defender

49.70 LY

type 6 Transport

58.96 LY

type 7 transport

57.90 LY

type 9 heavy

46.02 LY

Viper MK III

45.51 LY

viper mk iv

50.25 LY


41.81 LY