Ed Crewe

8 Claremont Ave, Bishopston,

Bristol BS7 8JE

United Kingdom

work phone: +44 117 3314386

mobile: +44 7518031909


With many years experience of a wide range of cloud automation and web platforms, languages and backend systems. I have a broad knowledge of technologies suited to web, virtualisation and cloud architecture design. For the last 3 years I have worked on infrastructure as code development and SRE for Oracle's cloud infrastructure (OCI), based at their Bristol UK office.


2016-present Oracle (Bristol) - Oracle cloud observability, network automation and SRE teams

2014-2016 University of Bristol, IT Services System Development

Senior Developer working on system data integration service in Java Spring along with Python applications for the public web, Research and Finance in the Projects and 3rd line Support team.

2000-2014 University of Bristol, Insitute of Learning and Research Technology - Senior web developer in this R&D unit – a team funded by external commercial work and research, that also develops and delivers University services such as its CMS and national services such as the BOS survey tool.

My role is to research, select and develop novel technical solutions for the provision of University and external services and web applications. To feed new software architectures into the repertoire of tools available within the University's IT infrastructure. To provide technical consultancy and system analysis and service management skills.

I have over ten years experience as a web application developer. Currently, I tend to act as a system architect developing automated build and deployment scripts, reusable software components and integration tools for CMS and application frameworks. I have skills in Unix platforms, network and server administration.

I still do some front end site development where the rapidly evolving world of AJAX, HTML5 and mobile platforms keep things interesting. I am well versed in Internet protocols, security and standards, and have pioneered cloud and Enterprise scale integration solutions.

I act as our division's DBA – Oracle, Postgresql and MySQL along with NoSQL systems such as Zope's ZODB, Cassandra and RDF triple stores. I am competent in a number of programming languages including Python, Java, Perl, PHP and VB. I have software engineering experience across a broad range of applications, e.g. MIS, VLE, CMS, repositories, web services, portals, e-commerce, research tools, harvesters, simulations.

As a small software house, there is no room for specialists. Hence, I am regularly involved in translating clients' requirements to system analysis, through technical specification and Agile techniques to iterate to a solution. Other software skills, such as test driven development, release management, user-centred design and usability are all part of the job, as are project management and client handling skills.

1996-2000 University of the West of England Education & Art Faculties – Microsoft and Apple network admin, IT tutor and .NET web and desktop teaching software developer.

pre 1996 self employed Graphic Designer


20 years of web, finance and more recently cloud - development, software architecture, project specification and management.

Languages: Python, Java, Ruby, Javascript, SQL, PHP, Perl, etc.

Automation: Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Chef, CI, TDD

Databases: Oracle, Postgresql, MySQL, SQLServer, Cassandra, BigTable, ZODB, RDF stores


Learning: Scrum certification, various conferences, dev days and meetups - including co-organising a local Python meetup


During the course of my career, I decided to spend some free time packaging and releasing a number of open source packages - small components derived from code required for the day job, for example django-csvimport, I find the process of making code into distinct documented generic releasable components, which attract external contributors, highly beneficial for code quality.

I am a member of some local software user groups, and have co-run the Python one for the last few years. I speak regularly at techie meetups and at conferences.

  • Regular talks at the Bristol (and Cardiff) Python user groups - DBBUG / PythonDjangoCardiff
  • Other talks at Europython, DjangoCon and Google Europe User Group.

Over the years I have produced a few research papers and consultancy reports.


University of the West of England, 1997 - P.G.C.E. in Higher Ed teaching

Filton College of Art and Design 1993 - Foundation Course in Art and Design (part-time)

University of Bristol, 1989 - Physics of Semiconductor Materials M.Sc.

Bangor University, 1988 - Electronics B.Sc.


Although I have a diverse educational background, it does have a common thread. Personally, both in terms of hobbies and work, I get my greatest rewards from creating things. I still pursue my interests in fine art by attending life drawing classes - cooking and wine making are also hobbies. At work, my greatest rewards are from creating software and systems.