What's an Edcamp, anyway?

Edcamps are educational opportunities to share ideas that are meaningful to the attendees.

Free to Attend

Edcamps are free for participants! Educators who want to learn and collaborate are welcome, at no expense to them.

Experience, not Experts

Sessions are facilitated by anyone. Participants with experience are encouraged to speak up during sessions. Open dialogue and a willingness to share, not planned presentations, drive the learning at Edcamps.

Rule of Two Feet

The "rule of two feet" empowers participants to find sessions that best meet their needs. If a session isn't working for them, they are encouraged to find one that is! OR... Have you ever been to a conference where multiple workshops that interest you are taking place at the same time? At an Edcamp, you can go between two or more sessions!

Do you want control over your professional development? Do you want to share effective practices and engaging activities with others? Would you like to learn more about a particular topic that YOU want to focus on? How about engaging in a discussion with other interested educators to find solutions or share ideas? Edcamp might be for you! Edcamps are for anyone interested in education, from Pre-K teachers through higher education. There is no set agenda--everyone is welcome, and those who show up decide what they want to get out of the day by suggesting topics for sessions. We encourage people from ALL content areas and grade levels and interests to attend.

EdCamps are a powerful, innovative professional development specifically designed around what teachers want to learn. Unlike traditional conferences, Edcamp has an agenda that’s created by the participants at the start of the event. People are encouraged to have discussions and hands-on sessions.

Because attendance is voluntary, there is a great deal of commitment, enthusiasm, and excitement among EdCamp participants. Since there is no established hierarchy between presenters and attendees this allows for a greater exchange of ideas and empowers educators to take control of their own professional development and grow their personal learning network.

Contact hour certificates will be provided!