The Elk Creek Township Historical Society

Now YOU can own a piece of The Little Church on the Hill!

So many people have a memory connected to The Little Church on the Hill.
As we moved into updating the original bell tower to help prevent water damage to the building - one request was made.

"Please save the old wood."

We didn't know right away what we would do with it, but we knew we wanted people with a connection to the church to have a chance to take a piece home to share that history with others.

During the 2021 Small Business and Craft Show, "Uncle Brewster" looked at the wood and agreed to craft some items for fundraising efforts. We are still amazed and touched by everything he created!

The four wooden dice and two side tables have been added to the permanent collection
at the Little Church on the Hill and are currently on display to view during events.

All items were donated to the Elk Creek Township Historical Society. The suggestion that was made was to hold a silent auction to find each item a "forever home" and help raise money for future preservation and restoration projects.

Donation bids will be accepted until NOON on August 21st, 2021.
At that time, the forms will be locked and the donor with the highest bid on each item will be selected.
The official announcement will be made during the Bell Tower Open House on August 21st.
Open House begins at 5 pm, with live music for the August Coffee House starting at 7 pm.

Learn more about how to bid with these videos. Links to each form are below the corresponding video.

Please be sure to complete the Contact Information form first before moving on to making your bids!
Thank you so much for supporting local history!
See you at an event soon!

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