Recent advances and challenges in the description of nuclear reactions at the limit of stability

ECT* Workshop 5-9 March 2018

Trento, Italy


Understanding the properties of nuclear systems in terms of their constituent particles and the interaction between them poses a true challenge, especially away from stability. Since the experimental study of unstable nuclei strongly relies on reactions, a precise knowledge of their driving mechanisms is needed. During this workshop, the most recent advances in nuclear-reaction theory will be presented by experts in the field of direct reactions, with emphasis on processes involving exotic nuclei. A significant part of the discussion will focus on the link between reaction observables and the underlying nuclear-structure properties. Inputs from the experimental community will help us identify key physics cases, possible new observables to be measured, and theoretical developments needed by experimentalists in the analysis of new data. The workshop is framed within the activities of TheoS, the theoretical JRA of ENSAR2.