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The ECSCA Breed Education Committee is dedicated to the preservation of the English Cocker Spaniel, as described in the breed standard. The committee is tasked with creating and presenting educational materials that foster the understanding of the breed and its original purpose.

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Grooming Chart

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Upcoming Breeders Education Seminar!

Notice: Due to then large entry at 2022 Regional Specialty, this event is postponed.

Please plan to join us for a fun and informative event, “Build A Dog – The Proper Cocker”. We will be working in teams as we build dogs from felt cut outs where each team selects parts to build their dog from. These pieces are placed on felt boards. A discussion will follow on the dogs the teams have built!
I promise you much laughter, learning and discussion. This program was presented approximately 25 years ago with our American Cocker Spaniel Club and was well received and enjoyed. Much work went into taking the old and yellowed parchment pieces of the Cocker and making an entire new breed from them. Without the help of two highly talented artists in our breed, Debbie McClelland and Sue Janossey, the project would not be available. This literally was a labor of love and it is my hope this program brings together all of us; be you a breeder, owner, exhibitor or handler. The program is presented in an informal and non- judgmental environment. Please place aside time to join us.
Looking forward to seeing you all!


Judges Education Seminars

The Breed Education Committee is pleased to take requests to conduct Judges Education Seminars. In these seminars, future and existing judges, are shown prime examples of the English Cocker Spaniel. Presenters explain the Illustrated Breed Standard, detail the history of the breed and provide hands-on experience.

For more information on holding a seminar or attending a seminar, please contact:

Chair – Genelle Joseph, (303) 807-0152, galliardecs@comcast.net

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To watch the AKC Webinar on English Cockers, please visit the AKC Judge's Study Guide page and scroll down the English Cocker Spaniels, click the +, then on webinar and then register, you can leave the judges' number blank.

Or you can access the webinar by visiting the Webinar Series Page and clicking the + next to Previously Aired Education Webinars, then scrolling to Friday, May 29th - English Cocker Spaniel, register as above.