Advice for Phd Students in Economics

This site provides some resources for grad students in economics. If you have useful resources that you would like to be added to this page please reach out to the creators of this page (Chris Roth or David Schindler)

General grad school advice

Jaya Wen: Ideas that helped me

Eric Zwick: The 12 Step Program for Grad School

Matthew Pearson: How to survive your first year of graduate school in economics

Chris Roth & David Schindler: Advice for Ph.D. Students

Ingar Haaland: Twitter thread

Berlin School of Economics: Researcher's guide

William Thomson: A Guide for the Young Economist (Book)

P.J. Healy: The Backwards Induction Approach to Grad School

The hidden curriculum (podcast)

Chris Blattman: Various pieces of professional advice (the advice blogposts can be found in the right panel of his webpage)

Advice for Grad Students on the Greg Mankiw Blog

World Bank Blogs: Curated Miscellanea: Interviews, Advice, Policy Debates, and Commonly Referred to Posts

Andrew Oswald: Things I would have found it useful to have been told when I was a young researcher 

Jeffrey Smith: Advice on Graduate School in Economics

Jennifer Doleac resource collection

Shanjun Li collection of resources


The Econ Resources & Grad School Wiki

Tobias Klein: Links for PhD students

Alex Albright: various resources 

Quan Le: collection of resources

Keith Head: collection of resources

Albert Ma: A beautiful mind

Natalia Emanuel: collection of resources
Thriving in Economics book series: (separate books for PhD students & for those aspiring to a PhD)

Marc F. Bellemare’s Doing Economics book

Mitali Mathur: Flourishing in the First Year

Applying to Grad School

Chris Blattman’s application advice 

Berkeley’s advice on statements of purpose

Susan Athey: Professional advice

Miles Kimball: The complete guide to getting into an economics PhD program

Elgin et al.: So you want to go to grad school in economics?

Rachael Meager: For the ambitious, prospective Ph.D. student

Natalie Duncombe: Applying to graduate school

Natalie Duncombe: Preparing for the NSF

Alex Lang NSF GRFP

Advice for PhD Econ aspirants from India

Jesse Shapiro: Notes on Applying for a PhD in economics

Harvard-MIT Application Assistance and Mentoring Program (AAMP)  (bottom of admission pages:

LSE Applicant Mentoring Program is now across multiple schools and has the following landing page:


Matt Lowe: How to Generate Ideas

Matt Lowe: Idea creation in class

Paul Niehaus: Doing research

Steve Pischke: How to get started in research? 

Don Davis: PhD Thesis Research: Where do I start? 

Frank Schilbach: 5 steps towards a paper

Shiv Hastawala: Developing ideas for applied micro development papers

Some principles of Econ Theory research

Krishna Srinivasan: Is an idea worth pursuing? Checklist

From Ideas to Papers

Ricardo Dahis: Advice for Academic Research

Matthew Lebo: Managing Your Research Pipeline

Sam Lynch: Managing Your Research Pipeline

Jesse Shapiro: Four Steps to an Applied Micro Paper

Amy Finkelstein: Most projects fail ... and other things I've learned from (trying to do) empirical work

Amy Finkelstein: An unofficial guide to trying to do empirical work

Hal Varian: How to Build an Economic Model in your Spare Time

Ben Olken’s epic fails

Podcast on Behavioral Science Research and how it is made 

Mental Health

Frank Schilbach: Resources on mental health

Scott Cunningham: Mental Health and Success


Chris Roth: Practical Advice on Meditation

Job Market

Eric Zwick: Love te Market

John Cawley’s guide on the US Job Market

Chicago students' Economics Job Market Advice

David Smerdon: How to survive the economics job market

David Schindler: Guide to the European Job Market

Michela Carlana: EEA Guide for European Job Market Candidates

Johannes Pfeifer: Job Market Resources

Michael Ewens: Job Market Websites

Kelsi Hobbs: Job Market Materials

AYEW: Economics Job Market Roundtable

Kim Cramer: Columbia Job Market Advice

The European Job Market for Economists Info Session 2022: Slides Part I, Slides Part III, Slides Part IV

The European Job Market for Economists Info Session 2023: Slides Part I, Slides Mental Health, Slides Part III, Slides Part IV, Slides Part V


Claudia Goldin & Lawrence Katz: The Ten Most Important Rules of Writing Your Job Market Paper

John Cochrane: Writing Tips for Ph.D. Students

Plamen Nikolov: Writing Tips for Economics Research Papers

Claudia Sahm: Writing Economics Research Papers 

Don Cox: The Big 5, How to write the introduction of a presentation (and paper)

Arthur Turell: Writing Papers

Keith Head: Formula for writing an introduction

Albert Ma: On Writing Economics Papers

Eric Sims’s PhD & Writing Workshop

Datasets and coding

Pietro Biroli collects list of datasets for applied work and gives wise suggestions 

Martin Halla: Microdata

Coding for Economists 

Julian Reif: Stata Coding Guide

Gabor Bekes and Gabor Kezdi: Data Analysis


Jesse Shapiro: How to Give an Applied Micro Talk

Monika Piazzesi: Tips on how to avoid disaster in presentations

Kjetil Storesletten: The Ten Commandments for How to Give a Seminar

Rachael Meager: Public Speaking for Academic Economists

LSE: How to design an award-winning poster

Resources for research assistants

Econ RA India

Stata Coding Guide


Amma Panin and Marco Schwarz list of conferences and workshops in Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Barton Willage and Anne Burton's list of Econ conferences

Apurav Bhatiya: Conferences in Political Economy


AEA CSWEP: Getting research funding 

Matthew Jackson and Laura Razzolini: Getting funding from the NSF

Anne Byrne: Small Grants


Economic Science Association: Junior Women in Experimental Economics

AEA: Committee on the Status of Women in the Profession

AEA: Committee on the Status of LGBTQ+ Individuals in the Profession

EEA: Women in Economics

Women in Economics: Mentoring Program

LSE: The Economics PhD Applicant Mentoring Program


Andrea Passalacqua: Guidelines to Write a Referee Reports

Berk, Harvey, Hirshleifer: How to Write an Effective Referee Report and Improve the Scientific Review Process 

Berk, Harvey, Hirshleifer: Preparing a Referee Report: Guidelines and Perspectives

Hammermesh: Facts and Myths about Refereeing

JFE: Advice for Referees

When refereeing be aware of biases against null results