Welcome to EconEd San Diego

The EconEd Foundation of San Diego is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to advance economic education in classrooms around southern California.

The EconEd Foundation impacts thousands of students, primarily through their teachers, by providing support for programs, events, teacher training, and professional development opportunities (and much, much more) that promote excellence in economic education.

Supporting Economic Education

The EconEd Foundation is a partner with Cuyamaca College and is the funding arm of the San Diego Center for Economic Education. This partnership assists in furthering the goals of both groups and most importantly, in helping students in their lives as consumers, investors, entrepreneurs, citizens and productive members of the workforce.

Through its financial support of the San Diego Center at Cuyamaca College, the EconEd Foundation is currently assisting K-12+ teachers in educating their students in standards-based economic ways of thinking and problem solving.

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