About Me:

My name is Jonas Ehn Bødker,

I received my PhD from Aarhus University in 2019, where I am now employed as an Assistant Professor.

My research interests are Labor Economics and Applied Micro-Econometrics

My research is focused on the functioning of labor markets and its implications for resource allocation, productivity and inequality.

I work empirically utilizing the unique Danish register data. Specifically, I use empirical techniques that use Matched Employer-Employee data to understand unobserved heterogeneity on both sides of the labor market. Understanding such unobserved heterogeneity is key answering research questions such as why do exporters pay higher wages, why do men receive higher wages than women and how do coworkers affect wages and productivity?

Contact info:

Jonas Ehn Bødker

Assistant Professor

Aarhus University

Business and Social Sciences

Department of Economics and Business Economics

Mail: jeb(at)

G-Mail: jebodker(at)