Teaching & Mentoring

I am recognized by the University of California, Riverside as an Outstanding Teaching Assistant for my work with non-major students in Organisms in their Environment.
RMBL REU student Erin Paulson
Teaching Assistant
2019Department of Biology, University of California, RiversideBIOL116: Ecology and Conservation Biology.Teaching upper-division ecology to biology-majors. Leading four discussion sections of twenty-five students each from a 100 person lecture hall-style classroom. Spring & Fall 2019.
2019Department of Biology, University of California, RiversideBIOL003: Organisms in their Environment.Teaching introductory evolution, ecology, and organismal biology to non-major students. Two laboratory sections of twenty students each from a 287 person lecture hall-style classroom. Winter 2019. Recognized as an Outstanding Teaching Assistant by the University of California, Riverside Graduate Division and the EEOB Department.
2014 - 2015Department of Postsecondary Teaching and Learning, University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesPSTL1131: Introduction to the Biological Sciences.Teaching introductory biology to non-major students in lecture and laboratory. Three laboratory sections of fifteen students each from a 300 person active learning classroom. Fall 2014 and Spring 2015.Recognized as an Exceptional Teaching Assistant by the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities College of Biological Sciences.
Tutoring, Mentoring, Leading
2019Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Mentor, Rocky Mountain Biological LaboratoryErin Paulson, undergraduate sophomore from Southern Oregon University. Together, we developed a summer field project related to the effects of drought and early snowmelt on legume-soil microbe mutualisms. Erin presented her results at the RMBL symposium in August 2019.
2018Workshop in Diversity and Inclusion, Rocky Mountain Biological LaboratoryCreation and implementation of an active learning undergraduate workshop focused on implicit biases, impostor syndrome, and stereotype biases. Two workshops of twenty students each.
2017Tutor, Chegg TutorsTeaching introductory and advanced biology topics, scientific writing, data analysis, and Excel skills in an online format.
2016 - 2017Assistant Teacher, University of Idaho Children’s Center, University of IdahoDevelopment and hands-on teaching of STEM activities designed for preschool students (1.5-4.5 years of age). Formative and summative assessment of STEM learning showed a positive trend in hypothesis creation, basic mathematical skills, and pro-science thought over a 6-month period.