@ Harvard

Sat February 22 2020


Each presenter will have 20 minutes to present and 5 minutes for questions. You are encouraged to ask questions during breaks or after the conference. Slides are preferred over handouts to be environmentally friendly; please print your own handouts if you don't want to prepare slides. Please email me the slides by February 20.

9:30 - 9:55 Breakfast (provided) and registration

  • 9:55 Opening remarks
  • 10:00 Shannon Bryant (Harvard): Composing Attitudes in Oromo: an Event Kind Analysis
  • 10:25 Wei-Fang Hsieh (Harvard): Distributivity in reduplicated classifiers in Mandarin
  • 10:50 Jack Rabinovitch (Harvard): Implications of mbi as me+bi Hypothesis in Manchu's Finite Verb Paradigm
  • 11:15 Tiffany Yang (Harvard): Specificity and the Licensing of Subjects in Mandarin Sentences

11:40 - 11:55 Break

  • 11:55 Jad Wehbe (UMD): Unifying Counterfactual and Past Tense Uses of Kaan in Lebanese Arabic
  • 12:20 Polina Pleshak (UMD): Small nominals in locative phrases
  • 12:45 Penelope Daniel (UConn): Searching for a source of accusative case
  • 13:10 Yuya Noguchi (UConn): Clefts, freezing effects, and wh-movement in Japanese

13:35 - 14:05 Lunch (provided)

  • 14:05 Si Kai Lee (UConn): Subject to topichood in Singlish
  • 14:30 Danfeng Wu (MIT): Syntax of either in either…or… sentences
  • 14:55 Tanya Bondarenko (MIT): Inverse in Passamaquoddy as Feature Gluttony
  • 15:20 Luiz Fernando Ferreira (MIT): The relation between pied-piping and DPs in Karitiana (joint work with Karin Vivanco (Unicamp))

15:45 - 16:00 Break

  • 16:00 Mariam Asatryan (UMass): Two puzzles from complex tense constructions in Eastern Armenian
  • 16:25 Yixiao Song (UMass): Intervention Effect in Chinese Wh-Questions: Some New Empirical Data
  • 16:50 Ayana Whitmal (UMass): Aspect and adverbs: BIN in AAE
  • 17:15 Duygu Göksu (UMass): Long object movement in Turkish

17:40 - BYOB


  • Thanks to the Department of Linguistics for funding this event.

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