Learning in Presence of Strategic Behavior

(EC 2019 Workshop)

June 28, 2019 at Phoenix, AZ, USA

Machine learning is primarily concerned with the design and analysis of algorithms that learn about an entity. Increasingly more, machine learning is being used to design policies that affect the entity it once learned about. This can cause the entity to react and present a different behavior. Additionally, in many environments, multiple learners learn concurrently about one or more related entities. This can bring about a range of interactions between individual learners.

How do the learners and entities interact? How do these interactions change the task at hand? What are some desirable interactions in a learning environment? And what are the mechanisms for bringing about such desirable interactions?

The ACM EC 2019 Workshop on Learning in Presence of Strategic Behavior will be held in conjunction with ACM Federated Computing Research Conference (FCRC) 2019, Phoenix, Arizona on June 28, 2019.

The main goal of this workshop is to address current challenges and opportunities that arise from interactions of learning systems with social and strategic agents. This workshop aims at bringing together members of different communities; including economics, machine learning, theoretical computer science, and social computing; to share recent results, discuss important directions for future research, and foster collaborations. In particular, we expect our workshop to be of interest to the larger research community present at ACM FCRC 2019, including participants of EC, COLT, and STOC.