Welcome to Ms. Ecker's Class!

About Me:

Julie Ecker am excited to continue teaching at Colorado Early Colleges this year. She believe that high school science should be fun and exciting. Her hope is that through hands-on activities, inquiry-based learning and relevant reading, writing and discussion, you will develop a deep understanding of topics we will cover this year while also developing a love for learning about the world around us.

As a lifelong learner, Ms. Ecker finds great joy in learning from students every day. Prior to teaching, her professional experience included work as an environmental designer and professional photographer.

Ms. Ecker enjoy learning, backpacking, gaming, photography, exploring new places, and meeting new people.

My Philosophy

As a teacher, I am acutely aware that there is important work to be done in schools and that it is only through innovation and taking calculated risks that improvement can occur. I seek challenge in a supportive environment where students and instructors collaborate to solve problems creatively, think critically, and work toward success. I believe that to be among the best teachers in education today I need to surround myself with others who are insightful, articulate, flexible, and broad minded.

I demand a high standard of myself in terms of my personal interactions and my professional performance and I expect the same from my colleagues. I find inequity intolerable and seek diversity in culture, thought, and personality. I know that the work of teachers is rigorous in thought and demanding in practice. I believe that it is the job of a teacher to nurture the teaching and learning of the school community including seeking opportunities for my own personal growth as an educator.

Skillful teaching requires more than just knowledge; it is hinged on key personal attributes and well-developed habits of the mind. My ideal work environment will include these commonalities and a balance of good-natured humor, lighthearted moments, and the constant reminder that we are human beings working with ever-changing and sometimes delicate dynamics.

Contact Me:

My first priority is students throughout the course of the day. In turn, I generally respond to email beyond the regular hours of the school day.

I can be reached at:

Email: Julie.Ecker@coloradoearlycolleges.org