ECET2, Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching and Teachers, will be a convening of teachers from the Midlands of South Carolina with the generous financial backing of a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This is one of hundreds of such regional events, born out of a desire to provide a forum for exceptional teachers to learn from one another and to celebrate the teaching profession.

ECET2 was founded on two strongly ­held beliefs: nothing in education matters more than great teaching, and nobody knows great teaching like great teachers. As a nationally-recognized community of teacher leaders, ECET2 aims to empower and connect teachers across the country to grow, collaborate, and lead in order to strengthen the teaching profession and improve student outcomes. Through their national and regional convenings that are designed by teachers, for teachers, ECET2offers teachers the opportunity to enhance their skills as leaders, to share innovative instructive practices, and to be celebrated for the professionalism they bring to their field. The experiences offered at ECET2 convenings enable teachers to increase the passion, skills, and confidence they need to create positive change in their classrooms and communities; to celebrate their profession, and to affirm their commitment as educators. Since 2012, teachers have organized more than 100 national and regional ECET2 convenings across the country, building a network of thousands of teacher leaders.

Our regional convening will be one of more than fifty ECET2 convenings happening across the country this year. ECET2 convenings go above and beyond professional development events—teachers leave the convenings with the confidence to grow, collaborate, and lead in their classrooms, schools, and districts.