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Every time you look for what an eBay gift card is, you’ll be getting the same answer- that it is a Perfect Gift for everyone and every occasion. There are several times when you are confused about what you should gift people like your parents, your friends, or an office colleague. No matter what, you can always relieve yourself from the dilemma with these gift cards. eBay offers exclusive deals on all items and the gift cards are added points.

These gift cards are both physical plastic cards and digital cards with only virtual existence. You can use these cards to purchase tons of stuff including various electronics, Art supplies, Sports and Fitness items, Kids’ Toys, Fashion & Clothing products, Home & Garden supplies, vintage items, and so much more. Therefore, in this read, you’ll know about using and/or redeeming gift cards and checking the balance on the gift cards by eBay. "covid-19"


eBay Gift Cards are one of a kind and comes in two versions- Physical and Digital eBay gift cards. Let’s discuss them both in a gist:

Physical Gift Cards

When you opt for these cards, there are a few details that you need to submit while registering for them. Then, once the payment is done, these cards will get delivered to the address you submitted. Other than that if you want the gift cards instantly, you can always visit local retailers who keep them for this purpose.

Digital Gift Cards

Similar to the physical gift cards you need to submit a few details and your cards will be sent to you via the email that you typed in at the time of registration. Since these are digital cards, they come in several different designs and some are even specific to occasions.


Once you’ve made up your mind on which eBay gift card you want, follow the below steps to buy it:

  1. Fixate on an amount from the drop-down list of the “List Price” option.

  2. Then move on to the option that says “Buy it Now”.

  3. Enter the requested details and go for the “Confirm and Pay” option.

Note: Using PayPal to pay for the eBay gift card is highly recommended. "covid-19"


Now that you’ve acquired the eBay gift card, it’s time you use it to buy or purchase some item on eBay. To do that you’d need the redemption code.

  • Digital gift cards- You’ll be receiving the code via email

  • Physical gift cards- You’ll be getting the code by the “scratch card” area at the back.

Now here’s how you can redeem gift card amount with the eBay gift card code:

  1. Type in your shipping details along with your payment details.

  2. Get to the bottom of the page by scrolling.

  3. Type in the eBay gift card code.

  4. Hit on “ Apply” to reveal your total cart value.

  5. Ensure correct information submitted and hit “Confirm and Pay”.


  • If you are short on gift card funds you can make the rest of the payment by other payment methods.

  • Buying or purchasing other eBay gift cards is not permitted.


It is said that the eBay gift Card balance never exhausts. It can be used again and again. A safe and much better idea is to check the balance on the gift cards before you proceed to check out the window. There is a separate gift card balance checker which is extremely useful or you can simply enter the 13-digit number on your card. If in any case you didn’t exhaust your card and you still have funds in it, you don’t have to worry about anything, It just gets added to the card and is redeemed by your cards for purchases on eBay. If you, for any reason, return items bought by eBay cards, the amount will be refunded to the same eBay account. But, if you find fewer funds on the card before you purchase the item, you can pay the remaining amount through cash or any other debit or credit card.


eBay gift card is one of a kind and is said to be the best/perfect gift for your loved ones or anyone you want to surprise. Let them know you are thinking of them, and that you want them to have what they want. So, this is your go-to option to eBay gift someone what they want even when you have no idea of what it is. There are two types of these eBay gift cards- Physical and Digital. The physical cards get delivered to your geographical address, and the digital eBay Gift cards get delivered to you via emails. You can customize or choose from the various designs available for these cards. You have a wide range of products to choose from when you are buying from the official site of eBay Gift Card using gift cards. Surprise your loved ones and let them choose what their gift from you will be. This informative read is focused on the eBay gift card, including its types, buying procedure, redeeming procedure, and ebay Gift Card balance check method.