As a math educator, I am a firm believer of the quote “We must Maslow before We Bloom.” Outstanding educators excel in motivating their students by getting to know them as more than just a name on a roster. I believe that before you are able to teach someone you have to show them that you care about them as a human being. Outstanding teachers go beyond expectations and learn their students as individuals; not only as a learner in the class but also as human beings. This allows the educator to utilize their students’ individuality to both enhance instruction and deepen learning in the classroom thus promoting a positive and enriching learning environment. Outstanding teachers teach curriculum but also advocate for growth in mindset and environment of their students. I aspire to develop into this outstanding teacher with the ability to influence and cultivate the next generation of thinkers, doers, leaders, and creators.

Future Goals

I am interested in learning how to make high school STEM education more accessible, attainable, understanding, and engaging for students in the under-served communities and underrepresented groups. I want to learn how to promote exposure, promote innovative experiences, and promote equitable access to high-quality STEM education for students to advance through high school STEM courses and college level STEM courses. STEM plays an important role in our society and I would like to be able to improve STEM education in the under-served communities and urban communities to help better lives.