Lock Redesign

In this project, my task involved a thorough examination of the history of locks, with a specific focus on researching the design of a chosen lock. This process enabled the identification of both the strengths and weaknesses associated with the selected lock. Subsequently, I proposed a strategic redesign aimed at addressing the identified shortcomings and enhancing the overall efficacy of the lock.

Everyday Object Redesign

In this project, my assignment was to thoroughly research an everyday object, delving into the evolution of its invention and understanding its original purpose. I then assessed the pros and cons of the object, aiming to identify any shortcomings in its design. The final phase involved creating a new and improved design to address the identified issues, ultimately enhancing the object's usability for the user.

Everyday Object Redesign: Powerpoint

Everyday Object Redesign:  literature review

First Figma Prototype

In this project, I was tasked with selecting a mobile or web application and redesigning its interface. I chose six pages from the application: replicating the design for three pages and fully redesigning the other three. The project also required writing a description addressing the purpose of my design choices for the selected pages.

Figma Prototype