Easy Database manages databases.

The concepts of table, record, field and field type are used. These concepts are common to all database managers. See YouTube for any tutorials on this.

The information supports attachments of pictures, PDF, audio, video or another formats. (The display of these files will depend on whether your device has the necessary application).

You can view the information in a list or in a data grid.

You can put your logo and wallpaper leaving then in any files directory added for the database. (Go to Menu, Databases, choose one database, Folders, Add a directory where the files are). Using names and ed_background.png.

You can store the database on a server with FTP.

Can be exported in CSV format an entire table, or results.

You can print search results into PDF files. Also you can choose which fields are going to show on that file.

You can have Easy Database search for the number that is calling you in all the tables and show you information if it exists before picking up.