Player Information


1. Pennants will be conducted in accordance with Eastside Playing Regs. The club has adopted a Code of Conduct which all Players are expected to observe. Please view both at

2. Match fees $10 per night, please pay at the duty desk before playing.

3. Club bylaws require team members to be registered with TT Australia.

4. Substitutes: Preferably same or lesser grading as shown in players list. The Div 2 handicap system will apply to substitutes of a higher or lower grade.

5. Indoor non-marking sport shoes must be worn and only water may be taken onto the court. Please ensure that your shoes are clean before entering the court.

6. Start of match is to be as close to 6.30pm as possible. Teams may be penalised for late starts. Time between set changes should be kept to a minimum. Please ensure that you are ready, if you are playing or umpiring the next set. Keeping break times to a minimum can help lead to an earlier night for everyone.

7. Please observe Covid safe behaviours. Use hand sanitizer. Do not shake hands or wipe hands on tables. Observe social distancing. Do not attend if you have symptoms

8. Completed score sheets to be verified and then given to the person who has been nominated to enter details into the computer results recording system

9. Used Match Balls are to be returned to the “hole in the wall” at the front office.

10. Last teams to finish, please help with cleanup and lock up.

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