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Table Stacking: The ACBL masterpoint (MP) award in an Open game is about 0.1 MP per table. Table stacking was invented because Open game MP slashed when a Limited game ran. 20 table Open became 10 because Limited game (e.g., 599) running at about the same time drew 10 tables away from the Open. To maintain the Open game MP award, the ACBL adds the tables from the Limited games to the Open game. Example: if 99 game has 10 tables, 599 game has 10 tables and Open has 10 tables, the Open game MP award will be based on 30 tables giving a 3.0 MP award vs 1.0 MP without table stacking.

Limited Game MP awards are a percentage of Open Game MP awards: 80% if limit is 300+ , 70% if 200-299, 60% if 50-199, 50% 20-49, 40% if 10-19, an d 30% if 0-9

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