East Coast Sealcoating

Running Tracks, Tennis Courts, & More…

East Coast Sealcoating offer a variety of tennis courts, running tracks and sport surfaces construction services from the initial stage of design to the final stage of striping.

If you're planning to build a new running track or tennis court from the ground up or planning to resurface your existing court or track, East Coast Sealcoating has the experience, technology and manpower to provide you with a great running track or tennis court from start to finish. We have been installing recreational surfacing throughout New England since 1982.


Our professional crews use only top quality, hot-pour crack sealing materials to seal moisture out which prevents costly repairs. With an unbeatable combination of quality materials, the right equipment, and professional installation you can be assured that we can provide durable protection of pavement cracking designed especially for the New England climate.


Is a necessary part of asphalt & sports surfaces maintenance. We pride ourselves in accurately placed, crisp, bright lines and symbols. We offer re-striping on parking lots, tennis courts, running tracks and other sports surfaces with existing layouts and new layouts for those areas that may have never had a striping layout, or need changes.