Our lab performs research in the general areas of applied dynamical systems, robotics, and pattern recognition. The central theme of our research is to model and control complex systems comprising robotic, animal, and/or virtual agents. Applications of our work range from crowd management, environmental monitoring, quantifying animal behavior, and bioinspiration in robotic design and autonomy.

Three-dimensional reconstruction of insect mating pursuit filmed in the wild

Lab members


Sachit Butail, cv, dissertation, google scholar, github

Current Graduate Students

  1. Kate Chwistek
  2. Rafal Krzysiak
  3. Sathish V (IIIT-Delhi)

Current Interns/Undergraduate Students

  1. Trevor Ward
  2. Nick Thiesen

Past members

  1. Elham Mohammadi Jorjafki (ME MS 2018) thesis
  2. Kiran Maridi (ME MS 2018) thesis
  3. Amro Shanshal (ME BS 2018)
  4. Hari Boddeeti (ME MS 2019) thesis
  5. Joseph Kempel (ME MS 2019) abstract