Traveling Trophy

Current trophies at Alexandria: None

11/6/2016 - Taken: Brazil, Bedford, Valpo, Connorsville, Beech Grove, New Castle, Glen Park, Rushville, Alexandria, Hessville, Shelbyville by Bedford (Shoals and Muncie are out of play now)

10/15/2016 - Captured: Bedford, New Castle, Hessville, Shoals, Connorsville, Brazil, Alexandria, Valparaiso, Beech Grove, Glen Park, Muncie from Rushville.

10/2/2016 - Taken: Plainfield by Valparaiso

9/24/2016 - Captured: Bedford, Plainfield, Beech Grove, Rushville, and Shelbyville trophies from Bedford

9/18/2016 - Captured: Brazil trophy from Brazil