About Dzuke

The inspiration for the Dzuke Duffel came from a problem encountered while backpacking in the high Uintas. In the summer of 2016, three brothers packed everything needed, plus some, for a week long trip to Four Lakes Basin in the high Uintas. With three brothers in what seemed like a two man tent, it’s easy to imagine how unorganized things became as the week progressed. If we decided to go fishing for the day we had to dig through our packs and pull out our fishing gear. Digging through our packs meant everything on top of that gear would come out with it. After a couple days, the only way to tell the difference between clean clothes and dirty clothes was by putting it right up to your nose and taking a good whiff. Even this method wasn’t foolproof, as the dirty clothes would get thrown back in with clean clothes and everything ended up smelling the same.

With three brothers in a tent for a week straight, it didn’t take long for the tent to get cluttered. The Dzuke Duffel was our answer to this issue. The Dzuke Duffel is a portable organizing unit with separate compartments that function like shelves. It can hang from the inside of a tent or from a tree branch. The Dzuke Duffel holds various items you might take camping, picnicking, barbecuing, or backpacking. It can be used for separating clean clothes from dirty clothes, organizing equipment to make gear more accessible, etc.

The product resembles a cylinder duffel bag that fits upright inside of any backpacking backpack. Ripstop nylon is the best fabric for this product due to its water repelling capabilities and thin, lightweight attributes. When twisted, the Dzuke Duffel collapses to less than an inch, weighing approximately one pound, making it nearly unnoticeable when placed in a pack. If not all compartments are needed when inside a backpacking backpack, one can twist the compartments together to consolidate space. If necessary, the Dzuke Duffel can also be collapsed and packed to be used for organizing things when the destination is reached.

The Dzuke Duffel has been tested in various settings from picnics to overnight camping in rain and sunshine. We are proud to say this is a quality product and has lived up to it’s reputation.

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