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Hello and Welcome!

This is the presence of our new lab for machine learning methodologies at Clemson University. We focus on the explainability of ML methods. Our domains are mainly in Medicine (Neuroscience), Psychology and Environmental applications. Our moonshot-project is the human digital twin.

Grant Portfolio and Events

  • Dr. Hubig is the Student volunteer Chair in the organizing committee of IUI 2024.

  • The NIH grant "Refining a Multimodal Provider Competency Assessment and Feedback Intervention for Black Families Using Machine Learning Methodologies " was funded for 275K

  • The VDS workshop was accepted at KDD 2022 and IEEE VIS 2022 - Gotta visualize guys!

  • Dr. Hubig got the Israel Faculty Fellowship Award and will be going to Israel for collaborations in Summer 2022

  • The NSF grant "SCC-PG : Human–AI Teaming for Flood Evacuation Decision Making" was funded for 150k

  • The class "Applied Data Science" for both undergraduates and graduate students starts again.

  • The NIH grant "Development, validation, and application of a CDS ontology to facilitate CDS rules reuse, management, and maintenance in simulated primary care settings" was funded for $1.67M.

  • Dr. Hubig is a session chair for this years KDD 2020.

  • Mining massive data sets class has launched!

  • Kaggle teams launched - if you want to be part of competitive data analytics shoot an E-Mail!

  • Our Data Science Club is now combined with the MUSC/Clemson AI Hub. Please write if interested.

  • Machine Learning Model Explainability Course starts this summer.

  • Dr. Hubig got the CURI fellow award.

  • This lab is now officially moving to Charleston in August 2020.