Dyslexia Network

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit parent community formed to share ideas, resources and tools to help us as we support our children. We schedule speakers and workshops throughout the year.

The Dyslexia Network is a collaborative effort between parents and schools to empower children who are diagnosed with dyslexia or who are struggling to read. This group aims to be a one-stop shop for dyslexia resources and emotional support for parents. We noticed that parents, while experiencing similarities, were "reinventing the wheel" following their child's dyslexia diagnosis. This website is an effort to have a time-tested "wheel" borne from years of experience navigating the labyrinth of dyslexia symptoms, interventions, accommodations, and the mental, emotional, and even physical strain that often accompanies reading struggles in children. Ultimately, those of us with children who are diagnosed with dyslexia are all in this journey together. We hope our lessons learned help you improve your child's school experience! While our paths are each unique and the journey can be challenging, together we will make a positive change!

This 8 minute video from FAT City will provide you with a greater understanding of what it is like for a child with dyslexia to read.

Watch this 17 minute TEDx Talk (The True Gifts of a Dyslexic Mind by Dean Bragonier) to gain a better understanding of dyslexia.

This 21 minute video, An Inside Look at a Dyslexia Evaluation, will give you an insight into how a child is tested for dyslexia and how dyslexia is identified.

Stay a while, browse, and please give us your feedback. We welcome your suggestions, questions, and any stories you'd like to share.

*This website is run by parents. We are not experts.