Super Simple Photograph Restoration

Are your pictures discolored? Torn? Scratched? Lets help get your photos fixed and printed again.

"Restore my pictures" program was created for anyone looking clean up photographs with scratches, folds, stains, missing pieces, bad color, etc. We use Photoshop software to fix your photographs, paying attention to the smallest detail. We can assemble torn photos, add COLOR to black & white images, color correct damaged photographs. Once the process is complete, we print your pictures on archival paper for longer life and ship it to your doorstep.

How to Start:

Step 1. Scan all photographs at 300 DPI

Step 2. Email your scanned images to

Step 3. I will contact you regarding pricing and delivery.

Pricing starts at $2.99 for a 4x6 inch photograph with minimal damage.

Add COLOR to a black and white photograph starts at $7.99 for a 4x6 inch photograph

I'll work with you to get the best possible price.

Need to consult with me first, call me at 346-970-7613 or reach me at

Thank you!