DWC Liturgical Music 

Spring 2024

What can we do to join the movement of Eucharistic Revival?

Vuong, Sr. Francisca

Sr. Hiep

Saturday March 2

Celebration of 

St. Josephine Bakhita

ACSA and friends

Sr. Aprilia, Mu Mu


Cong, Andrew, Sr. Thuong, Sr. Phuong

Sr. Thoa, Nam

Hung, Long, Sr. Nhung

Sr. Hiep

Solemnity of St. Joseph

Sr. Hilda, Sr. Francisca

Friday March 22

Mass for Vocations

Sr. Maurine, Vuong, Sr. Jesca, Angel, Peter, Sr. Sarah

Dr. Evelyn

The Feast of the Annunciation

Sr. Rose-Ange

Sr. Hiep


Sr. Aprilia

Engelbert, Sr. Hilda

Br. Quoc

Sr. Francisca, Kim Hoa, Sr. Hiep, Sr. Nhu, Sr. Sarah,  Nam, Fr. Huy

Dr. Evelyn

Sr. Natalia, Sr. Nining, Sr. Thersia, Sr. Gemma, Sr. Phuong

Dr. Evelyn

Easter Sunday 

Sunday April 7

Donor Appreciation Mass

Mass for Vocations

Mass for Vocations

Sunday January 14

Sr. Hiep and Long

Hung, Uriel, Engel

Dr. Evelyn

Sr. Francisca and Sr. Hilda

Sr. Jesca, Peter, 

Sr. Yolette, Sr. Charity

Dr. Evelyn

Sr. Maurine

Sr. Thoa Pham

Sr. Hilda, Mu Mu

Sr Hiep and Long

Sr. Jesca, Peter

Engel and Sr. Hilda

Engel, Sr. Francisca, Mu Mu

Dr. Evelyn

Wednesday January 31

Mass for Vocations

Uriel, Sr. Yolette, Sr. Jesca, Peter

Dr. Evelyn

Vuong, Sr. Jesca

Sr. Thoa Pham, Nam Nguyen

Sr. Gemma, Mu Mu & Sr. Nining 

Sr. Hilda, Engel

Saturday February 10

Lunar New Year Celebration

VSA and friends

Sr. Elizabeth, Sr. Yolette

Br. Tony

Fr. Clervil, Sr. Sarah, Sr. Yolette

Dr. Evelyn

Sr. Hiep and Engel

Sr. Elizabeth, Sr. Hilda, Sr. Yolette

Dr. Evelyn


Fr. Paul

Sr. Maurine, Hung, Mu Mu

Sr. Thoa Pham, Nam Nguyen

Engel, Uriel, Sr. Jesca, Sr. Yolette

Br. Don Champagne

Tuesday February 27

Mass for Vocations